About ActOnMS

'Thank you for fundraising with ActOnMS. You are joining a global movement that exists so that people affected by MS know that, wherever they live, they are not alone. Together we are stronger than MS'

Peer Baneke, CEO, MS International Federation

About ActOnMS

ActOnMS is the MS International Federation donation and fundraising platform. You can fundraise as an individual or with a group. The platform makes it easy to fundraise for one of our events or campaigns, manage your own fundraising and set up a company fundraising page. You can share your page with friends, family and colleagues, all with the aim of hitting your fundraise page. Whether at home or on the road, this easy platform will let you ActOnMS.

About us

Join our global movement to fundraise to fight MS. Your support will help us bring together the research and work of MS organisations around the world to improve the quality of life of everybody affected by MS. By strengthening organisations in countries with little support available, fundraising for increased awareness of the disease, and supporting international research into better treatments we are leading the global movement to create a world without MS.